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Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more about construction or painting services? Here are quick, no-nonsense answers to some of the most common questions we get from homeowners’ associations, commercial properties and homeowners.

Our HOA manages a neighborhood of 150+ homes. Can you handle jobs that big?

Absolutely. We specialize in serving HOAs of all sizes with high-quality work, clear communication, and minimal disruption to your residents. You’ll also get great service before, during, and after the job, with all work backed by our Signature 10-year guarantee. Contact us to learn how we can make your life easier.

What parts of California do you serve?

We regularly do jobs throughout the Greater Sacramento area, East Bay, South Bay, North Bay, and the Central Valley. See our service areas.

You did a great job painting our property a few years ago, but we can’t remember which colors or paint brands you used. Can you help?

Yes! We keep a complete record of the colors used for every job. You can log into your secure Customer Account to view all the details.

Don’t remember your username and password? Email us at

Do we need to move any furniture away from walls or out of the rooms you’ll be painting?

No. Our careful team will take care of that for you, covering and protecting your furniture as needed. We’ll also move everything back where it belongs when we’re done.

There are so many colors and finishes to choose from. How do I decide?

No worries! We have the resources you need for perfectly coordinated projects. Check out these great color tools from our partners:

Tips for Choosing Colors

Drive Around

Tour your local neighborhoods and send us the address of a property that has colors you like and we’ll match them!

Look Online

Send us a link or attachment of a home you like and we will match the colors. Pinterest and Houzz have great resources.

Use manufacturers’ color charts

Let us know the manufacturer and color — we can either use that particular manufacturer’s paint or have one of our preferred manufacturers match the color.

No matter how you pick your colors, we’ll apply wet samples for approval prior to getting started with the project.

Want more personalized help? Contact us to set up an appointment with a color specialist.

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