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SAMPLE COLORS: Please provide the color information for your samples below. We will contact you when sample quarts and/or brush-outs are ready for pick-up. When you go to the paint store to pick up your samples give them our company name and your last name. Brush Outs can be mailed directly to you if time allows. We will contact you to schedule an appointment if wet samples and/or color consultation are selected.

FINAL COLORS: Please provide the color information for your final color selections below

* Stucco, Siding, Eaves (overhangs), Fascia/gutters (roof line), Front door, Garage doors (vehicle), Other doors, Window trim, Other trim, Other…

· Please have your colors selected one week prior to the scheduled start date.

· Paint companies available are Kelly-Moore, Dunn-Edwards, Vista Paints.

· The samples must be from the same company. Please check your Work Agreement for paint company being used.

· Please contact us with questions or concerns.  P: 800.373.1352 | F: 800.373.1365 |

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